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Akshara Vanam -

For Children By Children

We explore new possibilities in education with a strong focus on individual abilities and self-paced, peer-to-peer learning. The Minimum Numerical Skills (MNS) tool devised at our research centre has shown 50% improvement in foundational numeracy with an outreach of over 1 lakh students across the country.

Why Akshara Vanam ?

There are over 100 million literate children who still struggle with their reading skills and foundational numeracy. This is despite the continued improvements in school infrastructure, curriculum - as well as numerous plans and policies devised and enforced from time to time. Interestingly, the challenges are equally prevalent across varied schools and educational institutions - including the government, private and elite schools.

Learning Crisis - Major Reasons

Content overload
"One size fits all” approach
Focus on rote learning

Akshara Vanam is Redefining Education

At Akshara Vanam, we believe that children can unleash their best potential when given the liberty and environment to choose their own learning path.

As a research centre, we are constantly experimenting with novel approaches in education that respects and nurture the unique abilities of each child. This is imperative to make a seamless shift from curriculum-centred to child-centred learning.

Our Approach

Peer-to-peer Learning

Akshara Vanam has no teachers! Our children take roles of teachers and students as per the requirements. We call this concept “Swadhayay” which has proved to be highly impactful in achieving the learning outcomes.

Self-paced and Self-administered

Students at Akshara Vanam have the freedom to learn at a convenient pace. Children themselves manage all the learning activities in the centre.

Level-wise Progress

We don’t practice over grade-wise learning that is usually related to specific age groups. Instead, our focus is on enhancing the learning process by fostering the unique capabilities of each child.

Our Focus


Language : Strengthen reading and writing skills without stressing over grammar


Logic : Develop Minimum Numerical Skills and Minimum Learning Abilities


Life Skills : Enhance abilities to deal with day-to-day practical situations with ease

Outreach & Impact

Akshara Vanam has successfully tested the tools to improve the foundational numeracy and learning abilities in mathematics. Research shows that Minumum Numerical Skills (MNS) are effective in eliminating the fear of Math in children, thus making the learning process more engaging.

Students benefited
Teachers trained
Schools covered
Improvement in numeracy skills

Our Goals

Scale-up MNS

Deliver the benefits of MNS to many more children across India by partnering with schools and organizing teacher training programs.

Strengthen Infrastructure

Upgrade the facilities at the centre and make the infrastructure robust to facilitate high-quality research and devise effective learning tools.

Continue Research

Continue researching and testing tools for strengthening foundational literacy, and life skills to make holistic education a reality.